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special guest

darrell Fox

We are absolutely thrilled and blessed to host Darrell Fox as a special guest at this years Terry Fox Run Ireland. A very special thank you to the Terry Fox Foundation and Air Canada for helping make this happen.


So come out and meet Terry to hear first hand stories of what it was like to be on the Marathon of Hope all those years ago!

Darrell Fox 2.PNG
Darrell Fox 2.PNG

Darrell's Story

Darrell Fox is the younger brother of Terry Fox, for whom the Terry Fox Foundation and the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) are named.  In 1980, at the age of 17, Darrell joined Terry (and Terry’s best friend Doug Alward) on his Marathon of Hope in Saint John, New Brunswick. As Terry’s younger brother, Darrell has had a long history of involvement with the legacy founded by his brother. In 1990, Darrell became the provincial director for The Terry Fox Foundation in British Columbia. In 1994, he moved to the National Office in Toronto, Ontario where he served for two years as the assistant national director and then national director of the Terry Fox Foundation from January 1996 until June 2009. To date, the Foundation has raised over $850 million for cancer research worldwide.  Today Darrell serves on the TFRI’s Board of Directors and is a senior advisor to the Institute. A holder of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, Darrell continues to be involved in projects and activities related to Terry Fox and his legacy.

"I was a sponge to what Terry was accomplishing. I was witnessing it, I was seeing the reaction of every day Canadians on the side of the road. That’s what I experience every day now from that next generation who are learning the story. They’re not only learning the story of Terry Fox. They’re embracing it."

- Darrell Fox

"Terry asked for 1$ from every Canadian in 1980, so it's fitting that his image now graces the 1$ coin."

- Darrell Fox

"I was having the time of my life because I was witnessing not only Terry run, but I was witnessing a nation embrace my brother and it was the greatest ride that I will ever be on."

- Darrell Fox

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